I have always been active ever since I was young. I played every kind of sport, from basball to football, basketball to hockey. However my passion for fitness developed in my early 20s after sports in my life had lessoned.

I love helping everyone in helping them acheive their fitness goals. Whither it’s losing weight,gaining strength, bulding muscle, improving athletic performance, or even improving overall quality of life.



Hey guys! Here’s a little about my background. When I was younger, although I played many sports (baseball, basketball, golf, and football), eating healthy and getting to the gym were never a priority. After graduating high school, I looked in the mirror one day and it dawned on me how I was quickly losing control of my weight and making some really bad habits. I started noticing that I was getting sick more often, highly fatigued and just plain out didn’t have any confidence. That day I told myself that I was going to get in shape by changing my eating habits and getting to the gym. At first, the task was very hard and I hated working out because I always felt all the people in shape were judging me on my form, as well as how overweight I was. But I stuck to it anyways. I changed my diet completely around and was able to cut my weight from a towering 315 pounds all the way to 185 in just about a year.. I then noticed that yes I had lost a lot of weight but at this point working out and being healthy was an addiction so I took the opportunity and started working on ways to build more lean muscle. Today, I weigh in at about 235 pounds with a very low body fat percentage. I’m able to keep it through my knowledge of balance. Can’t wait to help everyone on their journey!!



I am a life-long fitness lover. I have been strength training since high school and I am always researching and learning the best ways to help my clients. I specialize in all types of training from rehab/prehab, to fat loss, to increasing strength and muscle building. I love to see my clients succeed and am an important part of their team helping them along their health and fitness journey.

Connection is my strength. You can count on me to support you in all areas and feel safe and comfortable sharing your struggles and concerns as we work together. I am attached to my clients and always want the very best for them.

My philosophy is that you are never too old to start your fitness journey. I help clients 50+ start taking time for themselves and take control of their health. Nothing makes me more happy than watching them perform exercises that they did not think they could ever do, and absolutely killing it.

No matter what your goals are I will design a program for your needs. Whether it is to put on weight and muscle mass, lose weight, gain mobility and balance, or just up your all around health and strength I am there to support you along your journey.

One of the things I love most about training is empowering people by helping them to lift heavy. When a client starts to lift heavier and heavier they feel not only physically stronger but emotionally stronger as well. It is so rewarding for me to see them moving forward more mentally strong and confident.

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